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Campfire Dinner

Campfire Cooking
Outdoor Cooking Experience

Gather around the campfire and learn to cook a dinner like you've never tasted before. Our chef Alana Richer is mom to three boys and helped us pick out three gourmet recipes the whole family will love. Dishes are made with local, organic and healthy ingredients including fresh vegetables from Family Earth's garden! Families are provided with all the tools, ingredients, and assistance they need. Experience everything we have to offer, including our walk-in forest campfire sites, our regenerative garden, over 3km of trails, and a family nature play space.

What You'll Bring Home

Campfire Safety Skills

Experience In Nature

Shared Family Memories

A Healthy And Tasty Recipe

Cooking Experience

  • Cost: Each dining experience is portioned for 4 servings and costs $140. Add additional servings for $20/portion. 

  • Ages: The campfire cooking workshops are designed for all ages. Kids, bring your grownups along! 

  • When: Reservations can be made on the half hour between 4:00pm and 6:00pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Consider the time it takes to settle in, pick your veggies and cook your meal when booking.

  • Where: Workshops run on the beautiful Family Earth homestead at 14081 Groves Road, Ingleside, Ontario, K0C 1M0, 60 minutes south of Ottawa, 90 minutes west of Montreal, 20 minutes west of Cornwall.


Camping Recipe

1. Campfire Chili

Made with Leitch Organics organic ground pork, Beimond Family cheese, Lambros olive oil, and Against The Grain Heritage red corn nachos

Camping Recipes

2. Quesadillas

Biemond Family cheese or Zengarry Vegan Cashew cheese, black bean and veggie quesadillas served in Against The Grain corn tortillas

Campfire Recipe

3. Chickpea Cauliflower Wraps

Indian spiced chickpea and cauliflower served in Against The Grain barley wraps. Accompanied by raita made from Upper Canada Creamery yogurt or YOATS dairy free yogurt

Vegetarian and vegan options available

Vegetarian and vegan options available

All meals come with a pick-your-own salad fresh from our gardens and s'mores for dessert!

Health and Safety Measures

  • Distancing: Each campfire site is private, at least 25 meters apart from its neighbour. Arrivals are staggered to ensure physical distancing. Guests are asked to remain in their cars until a staff member registers them and completes a COVID-19 screening. Screening questions are provided by email before guests arrive, anyone who does not pass the COVID-19 screening will be invited to reschedule.

  • Each site includes: A fire pit, handcrafted rustic seating, handwashing station, fire extinguisher, composting bins, and all the equipment needed to prepare your meal. 

  • Hygiene: All cleanable surfaces are disinfected between uses. Each site is only used once per 24 hour period, adding an extra layer of protection as the sun bleaches away germs. All utensils and equipment are cleaned and disinfected between uses.

  • Facilities: Port-a-potties are available for use and cleaned frequently.

  • Campfire Safety: Family Earth staff will set the fires and add wood as needed, respecting physical distancing guidelines. Guests will not be permitted to add wood to the campfire.

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