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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. COVID-19 Precautions 
    At Family Earth we put the health of our families and community first. Our facilities and activities are designed to ensure social distancing and our staff follow all government recommended COVID-19 prevention measures. 

  2. What do I need to bring?
    Your reusable water bottle: we have a cooler available for refills. Sun screen and insect spray in the spring especially.

  3. What do I need to wear?
    You’ll have more fun if you’re dressed for the bush. Closed toes shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirts provide the best protection from sun, insects and poisonous plants. Bring rain boots in early spring, late fall, and if there have been heavy rains.

  4. How old do we need to be to take part?
    Children and adults of all ages are welcome to be present at all Family Earth activities. We will post recommended ages for activities that have been designed with the needs of certain ages in mind.

  5. What if I don’t have kids?
    We created Family Earth because we struggled to find opportunities to build our capacities to connect with the natural world that welcomed our kids. While there are some great environmental education programs out there for kids we grew bored (and a little jealous) hanging out and watching them. This is why we've designed our activities around the particular needs of families with children. Our definition of family is inclusive. Are you an auntie, uncle or grandparent by blood or love? Then wisk the kids off to Family Earth and give their parents a much needed break. 

  6. What if the weather is bad?
    Family Earth will make every attempt to notify you in advance of your visit if we have to cancel an activity due to the weather. As long as its safe some activities will go ahead even if there is rain or the temperatures are cold. If we have to cancel, you will be provided with a credit to rebook for the same or a different activity later in the season.

  7. Are there risks I should be aware of?
    While time in nature can be risky, sitting at home doing nothing is riskier, as in increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer, obesity, depression and anxiety. When you arrive at Family Earth we will point out the hazards on our property and show you how to protect yourselves from ticks and plants that cause skin allergies like poison ivy and stinging nettles, or burns like wild parsnip. If you do get hurt we stand ready to provide first aid and refer you to medical care in case you need it.

  8. What facilities are available?
    A fully serviced bathroom at the front of the property and port-a-potty closer to our campfire sites and garden. Water cooler for refilling your water bottles. We are working towards making more of our facilities accessible to people of different abilities.

  9. Can I bring my dog?
    Dogs are welcome during some activities, like our Campfire Experiences, but not at our experiences where you are likely to interact with other families. If you are thinking of bringing your 4-legged friend, let us know. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times. 

  10. When are you open?
    All guests must pre-register to visit Family Earth. Sign up online for one of our activities, or contact us at 343-777-7414 if you’d like to visit at other times. 

  11. Do you offer internships or volunteer opportunities?
    Yes. Check 

  12. Is Family Earth a charity?
    Family Earth is a for-profit social enterprise with the goal of encouraging connection with and appreciation of nature.

  13. What is the maximum attendance?
    Most of Family Earth's programs are designed to accommodate a maximum of 25 people, while some programs like our campfire cooking sessions are private reservations more suited to groups <15. Sign up with your friends!

  14. Where is Family Earth?
    Located at 14081 Groves Road, Ingleside, Ontario, K0C 1M0. Family Earth's acreage is 60 minutes south of Ottawa, 90 minutes west of Montreal, and 20 minutes west of Cornwall.

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