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Starting a garden can feel overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. Even more so with kids. What if an expert gardener, and busy parent like you, could walk you through the process, provide advice tailored to your situation, and involve the whole family in starting a vegetable and wildflower garden this spring? At Growing Families your family can learn how to start seeds indoors, plant a garden together, and have fun doing it! 

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  • closer family relations

  • improved mental health

  • care for our environment

  • self-sufficiency

  • STEM skills

  • healthy eating habits

  • time in nature

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"Growing wildflowers and nourishing plants from seed is something we always wanted to do as family, but were never sure what plants to start with, which grow lights to pick, and all those other little details. Growing families is like having a team source all the material for you, guide you through the process, all while keep the whole family engaged throughout with four amazing workshops." 

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"Growing Families gives us the opportunity to teach our children a little about nature and a lot about nurture. What an amazing way to spend time together as a family."

Reem, Kanata

Jennifer, Embrum


"Get Your Hands Dirty"

Online Family Workshops

You plant and care for your seedlings as our expert gardeners watch and give you feedback. We teach through stories and creative activities that help everyone in the family grow into a confident gardener.​ Workshop sizes are capped so you get individual support.

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Everything you need to start vegetable and wildflower seedlings indoors:

  • full spectrum LED grow lights

  • a small free standing aluminum shelf to mount your lights and set your seed trays on

  • two seed trays

  • pots to start your seeds in

  • seed starting mix (soil)

  • seeds for starting indoors

  • a spray bottle

*You'll be able to use this package year after year to start seeds or grow microgreens indoors.


Special Introductory Offer

20% off


Family Workshop Package

+ Everything You Need To Start Seeds Indoors

was $170


now $136 

Spaces are limited...

please register early to avoid disappointment.

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